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Midwater Systems is another business by Jim Stime. Jim started in the aquarium hobby back in the early 1980's around the introduction of the original wet-dry trickle filters. After working for the original Marineland Aquarium Products from 1987 to '93 and Tidal Wave Tropical Fish from 1993 to '99 before starting Aquarium Design, his own aquarium sales, installation and maintenance business in 1999. During this same time Jim hosted the Marine Aquarium Society of Los Angeles ( MASLA ) from 1996 to '99 and produced the tenth annual Marine Aquarium Conference of North America ( MACNA X ) in 1998.

With a solid foundation of 40+ aquarium service customers Jims Aquarium Design was able to take its relationship with his local aquarium tank manufacture and turn it from a locals-only sales business into a world wide internet business called The education from learning how to build the web site, properly package, calculate and ship freight has lead to a successful second business. 

In 2005, at the height of the real estate bubble, Jim started Midwater Systems. The intent was to develop a product that seemed to be "the next great aquarium product". Seeing that no one other than public aquariums were doing jellyfish systems this seemed like a good direction. After spending time learning what public aquariums were using for tanks Jim began working on a tank design that was intentionally different in design ( so that it would not be considered copying ) and less expensive. in 2006 Jim developed the Jelliquarium tank design. Not only was Jim able to obtain a US Patent on his jellyfish tank design and a US Trademark on the name Jelliquarium, but the design has served as a spring board for a Mini version, as well as, an entire line of tanks for producing your own jellyfish.

Like many others in this tough economy we are working to keep our head above water. With a few new changes Jim has tried to position himself to take advantage of opportunities as the future brightens.

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