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Comb Jellyfish - Ctenophor - Oval shaped jellies with eight rows of tiny comb like ridges that beat to move themselves through the water. As they swim the comb rows reflect light to produce a shimmering, rainbow effect, almost like a disco UFO moving through the water.

Moon Jellyfish - Urelia Aurita - These are recognized as the pale white disc with the four-leaf-clover pattern within the bell and a rim of fringe tentacles. Aside from their graceful pulsing the biggest advantage of Moon jellyfish is the fact that they dont any, or have a very mild sting.


As the popularity of keeping jellyfish continues to expand the variety and availability of such specimens increases. Today the most popular and readily available jellyfish is the Moon jellyfish, Aurelia Aurita. These can be collected locally ( with permits ) or imported through the various aquarium fish wholesalers.  Its tank-raised counter part is by far the better choice and as many new businesses and hobbyists improve in their ability so does the availability of these jellyfish.

Midwater Systems is not currently raising jellyfish at this time. With a completed Jelliquarium system sale we will provide you with the contact information of our source of wild-caught and tank-raised suppliers.


Moon Jellyfish -Aurelia Labiata - This rarer Aurelia species has noticeably branched radial canals and the margin is dark brown. Its cousin Aurelia Aurita is a very similar species which has 8 rather than 16 marginal lobes and has unbranched rather than branching radial canals.

Sea Nettle(s) - Dome shaped bell is pale white with reddish stripes along its surface. They have long thin dangling tentacles around the edge of the bell and an assortment of thicker ribbon and lace looking oral arms trailing from its underside. Sea nettles have a very painful sting.

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